Monday, April 8, 2013

Inglot O2M Nail Enamel (The "Muslim" Polish?)

I know this appearance after 2 months of being MIA is embarrassingly-lame but long story short: a massive tragedy hit extremely close to home in February so blogging was the last thing on my mind. But thankfully it will now be keeping me sane. :)

I'm sure many of you heard about the new nail polish formula released by Inglot called the O2M (oxygen and moisture) Nail Enamel which has now become synonymous with the term "Muslim polish". Inglot's attempt at creating a "breathable" and healthier alternative to nail polish also ended up answering the prayers (no pun intended, har har) of many Muslim women who avoid using nail polish (unless it's TOTM) as it prevents water from passing over the nails during wudhu (the ritual of washing before prayers) and in order to make wudhu properly, water *must* touch the nails. 

Unlike regular nail polish which prevents oxygen and water from penetrating to the nails (almost creating a seal over the actual nail) the Inglot formula is designed to allow water and moisture to penetrate to the nail through a technology which uses polymer (found in contact lenses) to make water permeable. O_O

I was going to buy a few to test it out...for science (you know, swatch some on a cloth and see if water went through etc) but SOMEBODEH beat me to the punch. :P This blogger, Mustafa Umar, actually had it tested on a coffee filter and the Inglot swatch was able to absorb water whereas the water pooled on top of the standard polish's swatch. 

Credit: Here // Pink = Regular Nail Polish // Purple: O2M Inglot Polish

It's not surprising that these polishes are literally flying off the shelves here in Saudi Arabia  where the makeup-savvy girls are probably buying by the bucketload since they are usually out of stock. However, I know for a fact I have to get some for myself but also my mom, aunts and cousins who will be AWL OVER THIS, so I will be stalking the Inglot stores to pick up a few. A review to follow whenever that happens, of course. 

They are available online in 53 shades, retail for $14/each and can be purchased HERE. A base and top coat using the same formula are also underway. 

Wojciech Inglot, Polish Chemist and founder/creator of Inglot, passed away on Feb. 23 at the age of 57. 


  1. ....coolest post ever! *mind officially blown*

    1. lol! Now i'm going to go pick some up this weekend and see how they really play out. >xD

  2. i just heard about this and am extremely excited! i usually don't wear nail polish often b/c I dont want to take it off every 5 minutes, but this...this is the answer to my bare toe nail problems! yay! xo

  3. I was shocked to see the females in Dubai with nail polish and making solaah, everywhere I looked, females had this beautiful colours. Too my surprise my husband came home from work and said that he just heard on the radio about Inglot O2M. I immediately wanted to buy but did not have the time in Dubai, I immediately checked in SA, if we had those nail polish, I bought me some and loving it to the max..this is the answer to all of us muslim females who ever wanted to have some colour on our nails...

  4. I am so excited about these! I rarely use nailpolish cuz of the salah reason. This is a great post, well-researched.