Monday, July 2, 2012

Sneak-Peek: Chantecaille L’Elephant Palette Fall 2012

Chantecaille, how much do I love you? Like, really. My mind was literally read not once but twice by this wonderful company. I will start off by saying something I've mentioned before but basically, I collect makeup with a South Asian theme. Things like tigers, peacocks and elephants are my weaknesses, basically. And Elephants are animals I am obsessed with regardless and would totally keep as a pet if the space (and law) allowed, ahem.

Back to Chantecaille again! I just got news about their Fall 2012 collection and this collection's standout? A palette with ELEPHANTS! Elephants will always have a special place in Pakistani/Indian culture and being one of my favorite animals, I am beyond thrilled.

I reviewed the other South Asian-esque themed palette with tigers here. That palette featured the Bengal tiger and the upcoming palette (in the form of a quad also) will feature African elephants embossed on shades in cream, green, brown and a copper. As with all Chantecaille embossed palettes, they usually support a very good cause. In this case,  Chantecaille will be donating 5% of the proceeds to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in order to help protecting African elephants from poachers. And from what I have read from other blogs, each palette will come with a QR code so you can choose to ADOPT one of the orphan elephants! You'll get a profile and photos and will be given access to the Keeper's Diary so you can monitor and stay "connected" with your elephant. *heart melts* How amazing is that? I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a release...

This quad will retail for £74.00/$116 and is set to release in Fall, September 2012.