Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brush Collection & Storage

Apologies for lack of posts in the last few weeks! >.< I've finally settled down in Saudi Arabia and should be cranking out posts frequently now. And not to mention the countless new additions I've added to my stash lately, so there is LOTS to get to! Also, cannot believe it's 2013.

2012 was definitely the year of brushes; especially towards the end when I acquired most of my face brushes. The process of refining my brush collection was a lengthy one because I cannot stand clutter or too much selection so purging my old collection was a must. My previous brush collection mostly consisted of hasty-impulse-will-do-for-now type purchases and an upgrade was majorly overdue. I'll get into my purging/upgrade process in another post...but first how I store them!

I use these two glass crystal candle holders which I picked up from a local store here in Saudi Arabia (CenterPoint for those within the region) and they are perfect! The pictures don't do them justice but they are beautiful and were pretty decently priced at about $30 for the set. I love that these are the perfect height to not be too deep or too low and store any size brush save for super-minis.

Eye brushes, sorted by brand:

MAC (left - right):
- #266 (natural // $20)
- #239 (goat hair // $25)
- #242 (horse + synthetic hair // $25 // I love this for cream shadows)
- #217 (goat hair // $23 // A classic but might be replacing it w/ the Hakuhodo version soon)
- #219 (goat hair // $25)
- #224 (natural hair // $31 // one of my favorites for blending out the crease and transitioning colors)
- #227 (natural // $31)
- #214 (natural // $25 // go-to for smudging at the lash line and as recently discovered: for creating photogenic swatches, ahem)

- Urban Decay Good Karma Multi-Tasker Brush (synthetic // $24 // gel liner and pin-point concealing)
- cheapie bent liner brush from eBay ($1-$2)

- S142 (Blue Squirrel // $40 // perfection for blending/crease. A favorite!)
- S133 (Canada Squirrel // $48 // lovely for washes, loose pigment and glitter)
- K007 (Weasel // $15 // basic script liner brush)

Shu Uemura: <----the 3 MUST-haves from Shu Uemura and you won't need anything else.
- 5R (pure Kolinky (!!) // $60 // must-have; perfect for crease work, inner-corner highlight and smudging)
- 10N (Kolinksy + Sable // $68 // tilted at an angle in the photo but it's a staple and another absolute must-have. A shader brush that makes the crappiest of eyeshadows go on pigmented and can even blend edges, too. A favorite!)
- 8HR (Sable // $63 // great for color placement in the crease and blending)

I realize I am missing a synthetic angled brush and a synthetic shader brush for creams. Eyeing some Hourglass or Real Techniques to fill out those gaps.

Now for face brushes.

1. Hakuhdo Large Pointed Yachiyo (goat // $48)
2. Hakuhodo K020 (blue squirrel // $65 // my favorite brush for scary-pigmented blushes such as those by NARS, Sleek and Illamasqua. The soft blue squirrel allows for pigment to be deposited softly and evenly. Almost like using a duo-fibre brush but so much softer and diffused)
3. Hakuhodo B103BkSL (Goat (Sokoho) // $72 // a true multi-tasker; I use this for powder)
4. Hakuhodo 210 (Goat-Sokoho // $36 // great for bronzer or softly-pigmented blushes that need a stiffer brush)
5. Chikuhodo Z-2 (grey squirrel // $105 // THE. MOST. AMAZING. BRUSH. EVAUR. I use this for anything and everything non-cream/liquid)
6. Hakuhodo Misako Portable Lip Brush (Weasel // $36 // Shown here with the cap on. Stunning lip brush w/ beautiful vermillion and wood detail and a 24-karat coated brass ferrule)
7. Shu Uemura #14 (synthetic // $42 // A little expensive for synthetic but the shape is unlike any other)
8. Real Techniques Essential Foundation Brush (synthetic // cream blush)
9. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (synthetic // $8.99 // creams and foundation. Flawless)
10. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush (synthetic // $26 // go-to concealer brush)
11. Real Techniques Setting Brush (synthetic // $7.99 // HG brush for setting under eye concealer)
12. MAC #109 (natural // $35 // workhorse of a brush; does everything right down to liquid foundation)
13. Laura Mercier Blush Brush (natural // travel-sized for the purse)

Not pictured is the Illamasqua Highlighter Brush which I have coming to me soon. From what I hear it's great for cream blush. Will report back shortly!

I am in need of just the Suqqu Cheek Brush and a traditional powder brush and my collection is complete. \o/

The next post will be about how I store them while traveling. Thank you for reading!