Monday, January 14, 2013

Brush Roll

When moving to Saudi Arabia from Wisconsin, I made sure to keep all my brushes with me at all times so I actually had my brush roll in my purse the whole time. >.< This brush roll stores all my brushes when I travel. The previous post was about my entire brush collection detailing all my face and eye brushes. 

The brush roll I use is by the Etsy seller ASoftBlackStar who hand-makes beautiful brush rolls, and other smaller bags for travel. Unfortunately she's not accepting any orders at the moment. Check back on her Etsy store because she offers various patterns and sizes. And while googling her shop's name I discovered she's a fellow blogger! You can check her blog here

What drew me to this particular one was the damask pattern which I have a soft spot for, ahem. And at around $22 + shipping how could I resist? The fact that it's all hand-made seals the deal. The material is all cotton and it has 12 slots with generous room to hold brushes of all most sizes. 

What I love is the flap that comes over the top so everything stays securely inside and the ribbon is a nice touch that secures and bundles everything nicely. 

I haven't washed it in the 2+ years I've had it (never found the need to thus far) so I can't comment how it holds in the wash but I will add that it is superbly-made and hasn't fallen apart on me, nor has the stitching come apart or frayed. The only thing I wish I could add would be to some how make it wipeable but other than that, no complaints.

I have some pretty fabric I found while digging through my mom's stuff and found a gorgeous vintage sparkly pale gold and black fabric which would make for the most beautiful DIY brush roll. I definitely need to see how I can put it to good use or incorporate it into something like a brush roll or...something. Let me know what you guys use to store brushes when traveling and if you use a brush roll.