Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Travel Part 3: Three Month Stash!

Had to take a mini hiatus from blogging while settling down here in Saudi Arabia. This post was LONG overdue because after the 4-month mark, MY STASH FINALLY ARRIVED! Here's a quick-and-dirty post of what I packed along with me here. Things included are everyday must-haves or absolute necessities for when in need of paring down.

Everything (hair, makeup, toiletries, skincare, tools, and a perfume box utilized to bring along liquids/creams during long haul flights)

For nails, I used an old Birchbox I had to hold some basic nail stuff and Careprost (for lashes):

The two polishes I chose were Chanel's Delight (a gorgeous metallic shimmery silver) and OPI's Hey! Get in Lime (a muted pastel turquoise-blue).

Skincare + body care:

Cotton pads/buds, cleanser (Purity Facial Cleanser), moisturizer (Kiehl's and Oilatum) and scrub (Clean & Clear Cream Cleanser). For makeup removal, I would have preferred to bring along my trusty Bioderma but didn't have a bottle to decant in so Lancome's was packed instead. Then there's my SPF and deodorant and some travel sizes of facial masks, hair oil and a washcloth for gentle exfoliation.

Utilized a perfume box to store all the melt-prone items and larger bottles underneath the plastic tray:

From... this:

Hair stuff (everything is cling-wrapped, of course):

Can't forget these for any long-haul flight, ahem:

Makeup bag for the purse:

Makeup bag #2 for extras or items not needed right away:

NARS Blush Bronzer trio, Illamasqua Cream blush in Promise, Cargo's eyeshadow in Qatar and Bbbi Brown's Corrector in Light Peach:

And lastly, the brush roll! A detailed brush roll will be posted right after this.

Thanks for looking!