Hi! My name is Maria, and I am obsessed with all things cosmetics and beauty. My other interests include literature, anything retro/vintage, perfumes, films, heirlooms, fashion and photography. Since this blog started in 2012 I have moved from Wisconsin to Saudi Arabia and now to Pakistan. Oh, and I lived in Toronto pretty much my whole life before moving to Wisconsin in 2008. Phew! :) My skin has changed pretty much every time I moved leading me to think it's extremely sensitive to temperatures and surrounding than anything else. Some skin facts below:

Skin Tone: MAC NC20-25 with neutral-yellow undertones.

Skin TypeCan vary depending on the location. Because I am currently in Lahore where it's quite humid I have found my skin to be more oily than dry causing a new skin concern: problems with makeup not lasting or migrating! 

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