Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dior 'Diorshow' Fusion Mono Eyeshadow - 381 Millenium

Hello, everyone! <3

A quick-n-dirty shot off my Instagram :P

I recently picked up one of the Dior 'DiorShow' Fusion Mono Eyeshadow up on a whim and it was LOVE at first swatch. I had seen the previews originally a few months ago but wasn't sure how they'd compare to my favorite Chanel Illusion d'Ombre. I picked this up at the Riyadh Gallery here in Riyadh. According to the preview this shade is one of the Middle East exclusives.

The one I picked up is (what was to me) the most unique color out of the range in #381 Millenium (actually spelt that way) which I would describe as a complex multi-shimmer pewter shade with a slight shift to a taupe in certain lighting. It is absolutely gorgeous and is unlike anything I own.

All the Dior Mono eyeshadows come with a useless brush similar in size to the Chanel's but the Dior is a sponge. The texture is very different than the typical cream eyeshadows which feel "wet" to the touch and are usually mousse-y. These feel more like a powder-cream hybrid and are slightly dryer almost feeling like pressed powders. All the shades are SUPER shimmery but Millenium was an extra chameleon under that sneaky Sephora lighting because I literally gasped when I saw it. LOOK AT THE PRETTEH SPARKLEZ.

From a distance it looks like a basic silver-pewter shade but it's upon closer examining or under certain lights when it starts glowing and shifting shades. 

Fuzzy shot to show sparkles. 
Some swatches to show the color but also the duo chrome-goodness that this color is. This seriously sparkles like crazy on the lids and is one of those shadows you catch yourself constantly looking at in the mirror. >.> 

To show the contrast // via my Instagram 
The longevity and wear from this is pretty impressive, lasted five hours *without* a primer on my usually-oily lids. I love this for a quick sparkly wash and because of the duochrome-yumminess it ends up looking way more complex than it actually really is.

These retail for $30 USD or SAR 160 here in Saudi Arabia (approx. $42USD =_=) and are available wherever Dior cosmetics are sold. 


  1. Oh my GOD this is amazing! So pretty. Middle East only, though? Whyyy… It looks like a precious stone in the pot.

    1. <3 That shade is available in Canada/US/ME so you should be able to pick it up!