Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chantecaille 'Tiger in the Wild' Eye and Cheek Palette

Chantecaille's Tiger in the Wild Palette ($78 for 13.2g// is probably one my favorite makeup items in my collection. I had originally bought it because I collect makeup items with South Asian symbols (tigers, elephants, peacocks etc) but I didn't realize how gorgeous it would look in person. I got this palette a few months ago and didn't even swatch it until a few days ago for this post. The novelty didn't wear off because it was still sitting on my vanity with its blue satin pouch, but after being forced to swatch it (blogging really does make you break into your makeup) I present to you the glorious...TIGERS!

This limited edition palette was created with a very good cause in mind:
"To celebrate and raise awareness for the wild tiger, Chantecaille has created a limited edition palette with a selection of easy to wear cheek and eyeshades with an elegant Tiger embossing that is easy to wear and attractive on everyone. While the world celebrates the Year of the Tiger, the plight of this majestic animal continues. With this palette, Chantecaille supports TRAFFIC (with 5% proceeds going to TRAFFIC), an international wildlife trade monitoring organization to help save the last tigers in the wild. It is a world-wide concern, which needs attention and focus."

As for the quad palette, it comes in a beautiful metal-esque compact and contains three eye colors and and one blush. And of course, the beautiful laser-etched image of the Royal Bengal Tiger on each shade. I love that the Tigers' heads actually "protrude" out. 


Each shade has a gorgeous multidimensional shimmer to it but I was a bit disappointed to discover after swatching that this was just an overspray. That in no way changes my opinion about this palette because the real important bit, the formula, is superb. All four shades are extremely pigmented while maintaining a luxurious refined texture; something not easy to find nowadays when the definition of pigmented has become extreme buttery-smoothness. Basically, these will not indent when pressed with a brush but pack on with the lightest touch, yet still are very delicate on the skin and blend flawlessly


Starting from the eyeshadows, first up in the top-left corner is the base color in Cream (soft brown-grey cream):

Eye color in Pewter (steel grey with brown/light taupe):

Eye Definer in Indigo (blackened-blue):

Cheek color in Persimmon (coral):

As mentioned above, the shimmer isn't laced in the entire formula of each shade, rather, it's an overspray and disappears after a bit of dusting with a brush/finger.

Pictured below are swatches with flash:


And swatches in natural light and done on paper:

All these shades work well with each other and even the cheek color would make for an amazing pop of color in a smokey eye done using these three colors. The only complaint I have is that this is limited edition so once these tigers go, they'll be gone. As for the shades, similar colors can be purchased as singles from Chantecaille's site so your palette can be refilled with those. But for those looking to indulge in a gorgeous versatile eye and cheek "luxe" palette should definitely look into this.

This palette retails for $78 and is available for a limited time on Chantecaille so if you're interested, I suggest picking one up right away since it's already gone from Nordstrom and soon will be gone from Chantecaille's site as well.  


  1. This is such a beautiful palette and your swatches are great.

    I always regret missing out on the Butterflies Chantecaille did many years ago. It was stunning!

    Nazia xxx

    1. Nazia,

      Thank you so much! And y'know, I regret missing out on the Sea Turtles palette. I'm not too crazy about the Coral Reef one

  2. Wow! What a beautiful palette. Thank you for a great review and the photography is superb, as are the swatches. :)

  3. STOP MAKING ME WANT STUUUUUFFFF! lol <3 Lovely post!