Thursday, January 17, 2013

Inglot 10 Eyeshadow Palette

Up until recently I had kind friends from America helping me shop in USD because almost everything is hiked in price here and I get annoyed having to foot the extra amount knowing I could get cheaper in America. I've done 2 MAJOR hauls (one which arrived and the 2nd should be on its way soon) but in the process of saving money, it all adds up in the amount of shipping costs and hassle. So the 2nd box will be the last, hopefully. And yes, that also means I have LOTS of stuff to get to blogging about.

My resolutions for 2013 is to not only buy everything in Saudi Arabia/locally, but to also buy less overall. I think I will be sticking to 13-products-for-2013 (I've already purchased the first 2 >.<) so lets see how that goes.

...enough of my ramble but that is why this was an exciting purchase because it's the first and only purchase made in-person and in Saudi Arabia thus far. Lo and behold! Look who finally got their hands on some Inglot? Moi. I had been wanting to make a palette for AGES.

I picked these up from the Inglot in Royal Mall in Riyadh and it the selection process was UBER-frustrating because it took me at least 3 hours narrowing down to the 10 I wanted, only to find out 5 of them were not in stock. =_= I had to write down the names of the missing ones and call back and finally managed to pick them up from another Inglot branch. Overall, the experience was a little annoying and frustrating and I've heard from lots of people with a similar experience so I would suggest going to a store and writing down all the names and purchasing them online. 

I chose not to get the bulky Inglot packaging and decided upon this palette from AnotherSoul from Etsy instead. Sparkleh' *_* 

Each Freedom System Square shadow retails for $6 or 35 SAR ($9.3) in Saudi Arabia. You get 2.7 grams (!!) and each shadow is made in Poland. 

I chose colors based on the fact that they were stand-alone shades rather than the type to compliment each other (although some could work together easily). I decided to save the basic shades for later so these were the 10 most complex/sparkleh'/exciting colors I could find. The two empty "slots" will probably be filled with some basic mattes, me thinks. 

Here's some Ingot terminology to keep in mind:
- AMC Shine: super-pigmented with a frost, or pearl finish 
- DS: Double Sparkle 
AMC (Advanced Makeup Component): semi-matte with sparkle but less glitter than DS. 

Top row:
Shine 37 burgundy-brown with silver micro-shimmer. 
DS 471 olive-khaki matte base with grey shimmer through out
DS 457 chocolate brown semi-matte base with red-gold-green shimmer
DS 459 a cool-toned matte deep-brown with silver-blue shimmer 

Middle Row: 
DS 482 matte rich blue with silver-purple-blue shimmer
DS 502 purple-grey (dare I say, taupe-y?) semi-matte base with rainbow shimmer
DS 465 cool-toned light brown taupe with a TON of gold/multidimensional shimmer
DS 460 grey-lilac matte base with gold shimmer

Middle Row: 
Pearl 444 grey-silver with slight taupe undertones and outstanding texture
AMC 68 a purple-blue with rainbow micro-shimmer 

The texture could be smoother (the Pearl shadows are the smoothest in the range) and they do require a primer but wear well and blend flawlessly otherwise. The quality and color selection is outstanding and at that price they are a great value. I will be trying some mattes next time (which I hear Inglot excels in) but overall the colors are beautiful and I LOVE the shimmer in them. Go play with the various textures/finishes on your next visit to get a feel.

Do you have any favorites or other recommendations? 


  1. Wow, the pigmentation is simply amazing. What a lovely haul! So which colour do you like best?

    1. Jacqueline,

      It's hard for me to choose but formula-wise the Pearl 444 is buttery goodness and AH-mazing.

      For shimmer and complexity: Shine 37 and DS 465. These make great stand-alone shades with soft creases because they are so unique and shimmery on their own.

  2. Whee! thanks for sharing the blog link with me, now I can just bookmark it, instead of worrying about the favorites! So pretty, and dusky and perfect!

    1. YW! Inglot-shopping can be uber-overwhelming, especially since there are so many formulas and all are NUMBERED. =_= Glad it was helpful!

  3. Ooh they look great, the colours look so beautiful and rich! Funnily enough I was reminded of you recently, cos I know you love Hello Kitty make up, and my local drugstore has got a new Hello Kitty make-up collection!

    1. Aw! <3 Thank you for thinking of me! >.< I will always have a soft-spot for Hello Kitty. And the pigmentation is pretty great if used with primer. All the swatches are with the NARS eye primer. :)