Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination

One of the many things I discovered last year was the wonderful Russian high-end brand Rouge Bunny Rouge. My first step into this brand was through some samples I received of the liquid illuminators via Mira of the Mira Sundari blog. She had sent me samples of all four of the liquid illuminators RBR makes: Sea of Clouds (refined white pearl); Sea of Tranquility (pink-y opalescent with hints of gold, pink and white pearl); Sea of Showers (honey-white gold); and Sea of Nectar (rosy bronze w/ refined gold shimmer). Since it was love at first swatch, I couldn’t decide on which one to get first. They all worked for my skin except Sea of Nectars which was a bit more opaque than the rest and was too dark for my NC20-25 skin (I later found it to work better for foiling pigments and as a base for glitters on the eyes because, yes, they can even be used on the eyes!)

After much playing around, I decided to order Sea of Clouds ($72; - the only e-retailer which sells Rouge Bunny Rouge) which I found to be perfect for my skin. Since Zuneta offers up to 3 samples w/ each order, I also got more samples of Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Showers and the liquid bronzer in “As If It Were Summer.” 

The texture of these RBR liquids is highly impressive. They do contain shimmer but it’s super-refined so they work on pretty much all skin tones and types, and they definitely do NOT give the “disco ball” effect. The texture of all these has a pearly luminous feel and once they’re on the skin, they give the look of youthful and taut skin as opposed to a wet/greasy/shimmer/glitter/tinted-sweat (gross, I know) look.  

Sea of Clouds looks extremely natural and I imagine it would look amazing in photographs. I haven’t tried mixing it into my foundation yet (which could work to add dewyness or to even lighten the foundation) but I did dab a bit in my lotion and it gave a gorgeous sheen. One thing I love about these is that they do not look stark and blend AH-mazingly even on foundation-free skin so they are also very low-maintenance.  

Sea of Clouds on foundation-free skin

I’m definitely placing an order for Sea of Showers next. Again, these retail for approx. $72 for 30ml/1.01 Fl. Oz. They go a long way and even the samples can last several uses. Overall, this is my favorite [liquid] highlighter and I would highly recommend this if you’re looking to try liquid highlighters and illuminators. 

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