Monday, June 11, 2012

Follow Vintage Gulab!

A quick note:
I got a question regarding following this blog and "why I had disabled it" and it turns out, the "Follow" button was indeed not accessible until you manually entered the link and...err, you get it. =_= I was under the impression that the Follow button was on the top bar but it is no longer there for some reason. (?!)

So, to make it easier for this blog to be followed via Google Friend Connect, I added a simple "Follow" button (minus the little box displaying pictures of all followers to keep it minimal and subtle, ahem) on the right-side which will allow you to stay updated with any new posts and other happenings here on Vintage Gulab. Also linked are Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

Thank you and a cheer for (hopefully) an exiting week ahead. *\o/*